The Food Cycle Ride is not a race; it’s an annual family-oriented cycling event that helps put food on the tables and in the lunchboxes of people in need by raising funds for the Centre Wellington Food Bank. Whether you like to race on the road or take your time on the trail, if you have a bike, you can ride.


What Food Cycle Ride founders Harvey Thomson and Rick Goodfellow didn’t know back in 2009 was that their idea for a local fundraising event would become an anticipated annual celebration of the generosity of our community.

"We wanted to demonstrate our values through action in a way that directly engaged our community. We thought: what better way to engage our community than by bike?” - Harvey Thomson, co-founder of the Food Cycle Ride.

Since the inaugural Ride in 2011, riders have raised over $115,000 for the Centre Wellington Food Bank, its continued success a reflection of the dedication of community volunteers and the support of local businesses.

Annual participation has increased steadily from the initial 65 riders who set out on a 40 or 70 km road tour in 2011 to the nearly 200 that rode in 2018. In 2012, the Ride moved its starting location from Fergus to Elora to offer a 20 or 40 km scenic trail route for families and riders who preferred gravel to pavement. While more riders today are choosing to take the trail, an abundance of spandex and competitive cycling spirit can still be found on the road. To celebrate the 10th annual Ride, the team has updated the road route to provide an 80 km loop that includes options to detour for a bit of gravel grinding. Cycling teams are encouraged to sign up and engage in friendly competition.


At the Food Cycle Ride, we reward your capacity to give. We encourage riders to raise money through pledges to support the Centre Wellington Food Bank. If you can’t ride, you can still participate by sponsoring other riders or teams. Awards are given to individual riders, families, and teams that raise the most. Be competitive for a good cause.

See you at the ride.

Your Food Cycle Ride Team,

Harvey Thomson

Rick Goodfellow

Bryan Hayter

William Tibbles

Sue Foard

Calantha Elsby