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Jerry Daminato


The Saddle Tramps

Jerry is a member of The Saddle Tramps.


Carol Wagner$20.002019-05-21
Elizabeth Bone$100.002019-05-20
Amie Daminato$20.002019-05-18
Robert Morgan$30.002019-05-18
Erin Daminato$50.002019-05-18
Al Daminato$20.002019-05-17
Dennis Gray$50.002019-05-09
Garry Glowacki$25.002019-04-30
Ellen Robinson$25.002019-04-24
Sandra Auld$25.002019-04-18
Marilyn Whiteley$50.002019-04-15
Short Description of Rider:

After riding and fund raising for 21 years with Multiple Sclerosis, this year, I have decided to ride in the Food Cycle Ride.  It has been a number of years since my last charity ride due to health issues so I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and raising money for a good cause.

THANK YOU to those who have donated and also to the ANONYMOUS donors whomever you are!