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Valerie Tibbles


Federal Liberals Riding

Valerie is a member of Federal Liberals Riding.


Melanie Rose$20.002019-05-31
Elena North$50.002019-05-27
Lorraine Tierney$20.002019-05-26
Marty Scheffel$25.002019-05-25
Frank & Wynn Schmidt$20.002019-05-23
Ray Trafford$20.002019-05-23
Darlene Gunness$25.002019-05-23
mark harrott$20.002019-05-22
Jane Will$25.002019-05-22
Ben Esau$20.002019-05-21
William Tibbles$20.002019-05-21
Carmen Skinner$25.002019-05-21
Braden Tibbles$20.002019-05-21
Julie Tibbles$20.002019-05-21
Short Description of Rider:

It’s been a while since I’ve done some serious biking, but the 2019 Food Cycle Ride is for a very important cause – the Centre Wellington Food Bank. Looking forward to a great day of good weather, fun, and new friends and no broken bones or wobbly bike parts.