Virtual Ride Details


Participating in the ride is easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register online under the Youth category. 
  2. Encourage friends and family to donate to your ride using your rider profile.
  3. Pick any day between August 9-23 to complete your ride.
  4. Ride indoors or outside. Choose one of our routes or create your own.
  5. Take a photo out on your ride or share your route with us on social media using the hashtag #FCR2020. You can also join our Strava Club to see who else is riding.


  1. What is a virtual ride? A virtual event is one you complete on your own. In this case, instead of riding together, we’re asking you to go out on a ride on your own any day between August 9-23.
  2. Do I have to register to participate? Yes. We would like all participants to register.
  3. Is there a fee? Yes. We’ve reduced registration to $25 for all participants. Registering using the Youth category for the discounted rate.
  4. Why is there a fee for a virtual event? The Food Cycle Ride was created to raise funds for the Centre Wellington Food Bank. The fee is essentially a donation to the Food Bank.
  5. Do I have to fundraise more than the $25 fee? No. But it’s encouraged if you have the ability to do so.
  6. When will the ride take place? You can choose any day between August 9-23 to complete your ride.
  7. Will there be aid stations or marshals out on the routes? No. The virtual ride is an entirely independent, self-supported activity.
  8. Do I have to ride a specific distance? Nope! Choose any distance you like.
  9. Do I have to ride one of Food Cycle Ride’s routes? Nope! Choose any route you’d like, but we encourage you to ride close to home.
  10. Can I complete my ride on my indoor bike trainer? Absolutely!
  11. Who can I contact for help or for more information? You can email Calantha Elsby.
Matching Sponsor

BMO Nesbitt Burns is the Food Cycle Ride's principal sponsor. They have offered to match donations up to $6000 to show they ride because they care.

woman on bike

Road Routes: 40 & 80 km

Whether you’re a casual or competitive rider, enjoy a scenic road tour on hilly paved roads that traverse the Grand River and pass through local farming communities in Wellington and Waterloo Counties. Choose from a 40 km route or a new 80 km loop. Our new 80 km route has gravel detours for those of you who love a little bit of gravel grinding.

Trail Routes: 20 & 40 km

Riders of all ages and experience levels are welcome on our 20 or 40km trail routes. Whether you’re a gravel grinder or a family of five, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Elora Cataract Trailway–a reclaimed rail line that runs from Elora to Cataract.