75 and 40 km
Road Routes

Start location: Kertland / Church, Elora

0.0Kertland / ChurchStartStraight ahead out of gate
0.1Church / Irvine4-stopRight turn
0.3Irvine / Colborne4-stopStraight
0.6Irvine / David St. Mary School on right; turn left across traffic; look both ways
1.2David / Geddes2-stopLook both ways
 Between Geddes and Cty 7 Use full lane in crossing bridge
1.7David / Cty 72-stopTurn left across traffic; look both ways
 Cty 7 between David and Cty 21 No shoulder; road narrows across bridge; use full lane across bridge
2.6Cty 7 / Cty 21LightTurn right
 On Cty 21 between Cty 7 and 6th. Line Past racetrack; hilly;  traffic

Cty 21 / 6th. Line

Hamlet of Inverhaugh

 Crossing busy road (Cty 21); Turn left 45 degrees across traffic; look both ways.  Use caution.
11.26th. Line / Sideroad 10All stopTurn Right
12.5Sidedroad 10 / 8th. Line2-stopTurn right
14.98th. Line / Cty 212-stopCrossing busy county road (21); Turn left across traffic; look both ways
19.5Cty 21 (Katherine St. N.) & Hwy 86lightDo not turn on 86; Stay in through lane; River’s Edge is just 50 yds. past the bridge.
19.6Katherine St. N. / River’s Edge Turn right
20.7Rivers Edge  – Letson Park (Rest Stop)Rest StopJust before covered bridge on the left

Covered Bridge: One-lane;

Dimly-lit; cars will be emerging from dark bridge into bright light

Oncoming trafficUse extreme caution; Stay in lane!!
21.0Covered Bridge Drive Bear right. Lost Acre Variety Store on left.
21.7Covered Bridge Drive / Hwy 862-stopLook both ways; fast cross-traffic
 Middlebrook to 8th. Line2-stopCovered Bridge Drive becomes Middlebrook Rd.
28.0Middlebrook / 8th. Line2-stopTurn right.  8th. Line has good downhill and steep uphill climb to Cty 21.
31.78th. Line / Cty 212-stopTurn left. Across traffic- exercise caution.
 On Cty 21 to Cty 7 

Hilly through Inverhaugh;

Note: At bottom of hill, with entrance to Gorge Camping grounds on the left (before reaching Racetrack) – Turnaround for 75km second loop at Cottontail Trail head.

 On Cty 21 to Cty 7 Past Gorge Camping grounds and Racetrack straight to Cty 7.
38.6Cty 21 / Cty 7LightTurn left
39.5Cty 7 / David St. Turn Right
 David St. crossing bridge Use full lane crossing bridge
40.0David St. / Geddes2-stopStraight.  Look both ways
40.6David St./ IrvineT-IntersectionSt. Mary School facing intersection; turn right
40.8Irvine/Moir2-stopStraight. Look both ways
40.9Irvine/Colborne4-stopStraight. Look both ways
41.1Irvine / Church4-stopLeft turn across traffic; look both ways
41.2Church / Kertland (Finish)



Into back of school yard; on to gravel.

Look both ways before crossing Kertland St.

Emergency Contacts

St. John Bridgade:
Lee – 519 823 6432

Ride Day Co-ordinator:
Harvey – 519 835 4360

Download Rider Directions (PDF) here.